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Have your own attorney by your side for real estate

Let us be your advisor throughout real estate transactions.

Depend on our local real estate experience

The real estate buying and selling process is complex. Though you may not think you need legal advice, it can be one of the best decisions you make. Let our dedicated attorneys remain by your side through the proceedings, such as:


• Real estate closings and advising

• Real estate purchases and sales

• Re-fi proceedings

• Disputes and title searches


As a smaller law firm, we provide our clients with one-on-one consultations and dedicated, quality information. You will not get lost in the shuffle. Our goal is to always meet your needs, including providing you with frank, honest advice about your situation and your options. We will advise you whenever you purchase or sell real estate.


Call our team today to discuss your real estate legal matters. Find out what steps you can take to protect your big investment. We've been practicing law since 1980.


Call us today for a free initial consultation on real estate legal matters.


We're an aggressive law firm. That means we work hard to meet our client's needs. Trust us to be by your side through your legal situation, too.